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Peugeot 16v engines



All New Alloy Peugeot / Citroen 1360cc & 1398cc 16V ENGINES


ALL ALLOY Engine Kits start at 145bhp for our 1360cc Fast Road units, to our full race 1397cc 16v engine kits.



Completed engine, showing our 38mm HFH throttle body kit which is mated to Emerald K6 ECU.



Pics, shows heavy duty oversize liners, competition head gaskets, forged high compression pistons.



(above shows a dyno print out of a recently built unit)



Spec as Follows

• 1398cc bottom end
• Knife edged crank with fully balanced internals
• Light weight alloy block
• High Compression Forged pistons & H beam rods
• Stage 3 Gas flowed Head
• Hydraulic lifters
• Head Stud kit
• Competition head gasket
• Ultimate Fast Road cams (264 Duration with 10.5mm lift)
• Electric water pump kit.
• 38mm Throttle body kit , running Emerald K6 ECU
• 4-2-1 branch manifold
• Giving a MASSIVE 127.9lbft Torque and 151.8bhp.

(we could have adjusted the cam timing to give 160bhp but we would have lost 10lbft torque)


Please contact Andy, Michael or Kirstin to discuss your exact requirement.


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