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Dyno Test Facilities


We are now in a position to offer fully dyno tested engines for most Peugeot Citroen Models (see list below) . Engines dyno have long been the bench mark in testing engines due to there accuracy, all serious engine builders all use engine dyno's (Cosworth/Ferrari) to name a few. Engine dyno's give bhp & 'Actual' torque figures & with the use of Data logging equipment, an engine can be setup to a drivers driving style or racing event.


  • Allows pre built engine to be fully checked prior to fitting
  • Engine run in on Dyno
  • Diagnostic checks are done on all engines
  • Cam timing optimised
  • Fuelling optimised
  • Stand alone ECU to be fully remapped
  • Multiple Carbs can be setup
  • Gives accurate bhp & torque Figures at the engine flywheel
  • Customer can witness Power Figures
  • Gives piece of mind that the customer is paying for guaranteed performance.

We have the capabilities to test the following engines.



  • 106 Quicksilver / XS/XSi/Rallye/GTI
  • 205 Xs/Rallye/1.6 GTi/1.9 GTi/ 1.9 Mi16
  • 306 XS/2.0 8v/2.016v XSi/GTi-6
  • 309 SRi/GTi/ 16v
  • 405 SRi/Mi16/Mi16 4X4


  • AX GT/GTi
  • BX GTi/ 16v
  • Saxo VTR/VTS
  • ZX Volcane/16v

Sample Engine Dyno Results & Specs


2200cc Mi16 Bottom End
Fully Lightened & balanced internals
St4 Big Valve Head
282 Duration Cat Cams
Vernier Pulleys
Throttle Bodies
4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold
218bhp @ 7100rpm
174lbft Torque @ 5200rpm
  1905cc 205 Gti 8v Bottom End
Fully Lightened & balanced internals
St4 Big valve head
Comp Piston Rings
Piper 285 Cam
Hiflow Venier Pulley
Twin 45's Carb Kit
4-2-1 Manifold
180 bhp @ 7000rpm
160 lbft Torque @ 5200 rpm


Please note: Further improvements in Power & torque will be seen as these engines get more miles on them.

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